About our company

We want to grow as a company while delivering great results and build a solid reputation both inside and outside of Norway.

Who are we?

We are a new business that manages, assists and supports the career of professional athletes. Our main goal is to help talented players achieve their goals, ambitions, and present them with good opportunities.

We help these athletes with personal sponsorship deals, assist in contract negotiations, accounting, assist in the transfers, be available for them, and represent them if necessary. For clubs, we offer a variety of services ranging from assistance, advice, and negotiations.

Our goals

Our goals As we are a new company, we have both short-term and long-term goals for our business. We want to grow as a company while delivering great results and build a solid reputation both inside and outside of Norway.

We would like over thirty sponsors with both short and long-term agreements, grow our social media accounts, increase engagement, and be involved in several transfers.

Our services

Whan can we do for you?

Sports representation and sports marketing

Among our clients are some of the most prominent figures in top level sports, along with promising youngsters in the domestic football market. Our way of working and our professionalism are a result of our commitment, our integrity and the personalized service we offer our client-friends, and of our in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international football market.

Transfers negotiations and contracts renewals

Mujic Sports Consulting assists his talents to make the right choice for the future, taking the best out of every possible opportunity. We also manages directly the relationships with the clubs and the sporting directors, allowing the players to be totally focused on their sports perform performance.

Legal advices

Mujic Sports Consulting team of consultants and laywers have the expertise to guide the players through any situation, on and off-the-pitch.



Our team

We ensure quality & support.

Mirza Mujic
Abdur Rahman Qureshi
CO-Chief Executive Officer
Norman Granlund Elton
Mikkel Gaarder


I know Abdur and Mirza, we have a good relationship, are extremely professional and competent! I hope to be a partner for many years !! Always friends success!

- Renato Santos of Brazil Talents Sports.

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- Tanveer Junayed of Boideshi.

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